Locked-on to your marketing solutions.


There is a big difference between randomly creating and posting things, and a marketing strategy that addresses your business objectives, expresses your communications strategy, precisely targets your audience and delivers a solid return on your investment.

That’s the difference Locked-On Media & Marketing brings to your team.

Marketing doesn’t need to be a daunting, distant thought, sidelined until it’s no longer avoidable. In fact, it should be one of your first steps when you start working on a property. Marketing is simply a methodical and systematic approach that delivers a consistent message to your target audience. Whether big or small, we customize solutions just for you. We have a simplistic pricing plan and we use the same expertise, resources and systems for smaller businesses, as we do for the large ones. Don’t be afraid to call us – you’ll be surprised at how easy and affordable it is!



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We offer the following packages for investors:

Social Media Full Loadout - $700

This is a starter package for investors looking to get their social media presence off the ground and established.

  • 40 Posts Per Month **Fully Customizable Posts

  • Hootsuite - Social Media Manager

    • Twitter

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

  • Social Media Account Creation

  • Social Media SOP(Standard Operating Procedures)

    • Posting Schedule

    • Content Locations

    • Sharing Procedures

    • Post Write-up

    • Metrics Tracking Procedures

  • Social Media Metrics Tracking Document

  • Custom Logo Design

  • Precision Targeting for Buyer/Seller/Investor Groups

Social Media Tactical Reload - $500

This is a recurring monthly social media package for investors looking to maintain their current social media and posting output, as well as continue steady growth.

  • 40 Posts Per Month **Fully Customizable Posts

  • Hootsuite - Social Media Manager

    • Twitter

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

  • Precision Targeting for Buyer/Seller/Investor Groups

Property Marketing Package - $1,000

This package is for real estate investors that have a property they want to receive maximum online exposure and have it professionally documented and marketed. 

  • High Quality Branded Video Introduction

  • High Resolution Imagery

  • Professional Drone Footage

  • 3D Walkthrough Tour of the Property

  • High Dynamic Range Photos

  • Professional Video Production Packages

  • Facebook Research for Marketing

  • Posting to Groups for Facebook Marketing

  • Professionally Written Listing Verbiage

  • We Create an Adobe Spark, An Online Advertisement For Your Property That Can Be Shared On Any Platform

  • If You Use Realeflow, We Will Create/Setup Mobile Marketing

  • When We Finish, We Hand Over All Products Created To You Via Online Storage

  • We Will Provide You With Immediate Critiques On The Property And What We Think Will Help Sell It Quicker

  • Quick Turnaround Times. Typically One Week

  • We Will Also Provide Additional Marketing Advice At No Additional Charge

Real Estate Property Marketing Package - $800

*If you are a real estate agent and can bring us more than two properties per month, we offer reduced rates.

Social Media and Property Marketing Combo Package - $1,200 ($300 savings)

*If you are already a social media recurring package customer and you add a Property Marketing Package we will offer them to you at a significantly reduced rate.